What unclassified technical information is available on a foreign mortar weapon? DSIAC was asked to compile technical information on the Bosnian M69 82-mm mortar produced by Bosnia-Novitravca—specifically, unclassified studies on materials specifications, operating pressures, ballistic pressures, and ammo types and specifications. DSIAC first searched the DTIC R&E Gateway and delivered a six-document bibliography to the…

Voice From The Community

Dr. Amanda Schrand

I am a multidisciplinary science and technology leader in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Our cross-service (Air Force, Army, and Navy) research team is currently exploiting innovative ways to use additive manufacturing to address the harsh shock/vibration environment presented to defense electronics. We are developing world-class, multimaterial, advanced manufacturing facilities and partnerships that will transform the U.S. capabilities to dominate time, space, and complexity in future conflict.