What information is readily available in regards to type classification of a specific low recoil gun system? DSIAC staff reviewed titles and abstracts from a Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) literature search, performed open source searches, and extracted excerpts from articles that discussed historical designations for low recoil gun systems. A…

Voice From The Community

Jason Phillips

My organization is currently supporting energetic design/production efforts. This includes energetics formulation/synthesis, live component disassembly, surveillance, accelerated aging, and small-scale sensitivity testing. We also support other programs through the DoD, DoJ, and DHS. These can include improvised/homemade explosives, explosives detection and render safe operations. One of the most interesting parts of my position is that I get detailed hands-on experience with an extensive variety of explosive components and materials. I also find my personal training and support of our military EOD and law enforcement personnel especially gratifying.