Are there reusable bullet catchers that do not damage the projectile? The inquirer currently uses stacks of ceiling tiles to collect projectiles that have penetrated test articles and asked DSIAC for an alternative that would allow the same fast recovery and turnaround.  A DSIAC vulnerability subject matter expert with experience developing warhead fragment catch media systems recommended…

Voice From The Community

James Chenault

I work for the University of Alabama, Huntsville, SMAP Center as a contractor to the U.S. Army at Redstone Arsenal. My daily place of work is in the special projects group of Redstone Test Center (RTC), which is part of the Army Test and Evaluation Command. The RTC houses many departments dedicated to ensuring the Warfighter has equipment that meets or exceeds specifications. My part for several years has been to decode 1553 data traffic according to James Chenault, Sr. Scientist, University of Alabama, Huntsville the interface description documents provided so that others can validate line replaceable units in helicopters to perform as designed People use this effort to determine problems as they arise on known systems. For the last year, I have also been involved in cybersecurity, learning to protect these communication channels.​