Is there research regarding explosives bonding materials for thermobaric devices? A DSIAC subject matter expert (SME) with Johns Hopkins University specializing in thermobarics, Dr. Gregory Aranovich, researched patents and other information related to using boron compounds in thermobaric devices (TBXs) and fuel air explosives (FAEs).  Based on his previous experience with thermobaric…

Voice From The Community

Nicole Zander

My primary research interests are polymer processing, additive manufacturing, and nanofiber research in tissue engineering, antimicrobial materials, and filtration. My major focus is on recycling waste plastics and other materials into additive manufacturing feedstocks. I am part of a winning Marine Innovation Challenge team in which I worked on building a mobile laboratory that recycles plastics into filament for 3-D printing. I hold a B.A. in chemistry from St. Olaf College and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Delaware, where I explored using electrospun nanofibers to control neurite outgrowth via protein chemistry and contact guidance.