What is the status of a Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual (JMEM)-like capability for directed-energy effects to satellites? A DSIAC subject matter expert (SME) participated in a phone conversation to describe JMEM and the state of modeling and simulation to develop a comparable tool for directed-energy effects to satellites. The DSIAC SME…

Voice From The Community

Arje Nachman, Ph.D

I hold a B.S. in applied mathematics from Washington University and a Ph.D. in mathematics from New York University. My academic training was always oriented toward mathematics which accompanied the study of physics and engineering. Thus in graduate school I studied linear/nonlinear differential equations (ordinary and partial) together with various  techniques for finding or approximating their solutions. My publications reflect this orientation in that they examine problems arising in fluid mechanics, combustion, elastic/viscoelastic mechanics (including fracture), electromagnetics, and a few other topics. Following a decade in academia and a segue into commercial research, I joined AFOSR as a Program Officer, first managing a portfolio in physical math and later a portfolio in electromagnetics which I continue to do.