Who are the government research and development agencies and industry organizations involved in hypersonic vehicle and weapons research and development, and what are the associated programs? DSIAC staff searched our internal resources to provide information on reports and briefings related to overarching hypersonics technology development and defense concerns.  We also…

Voice From The Community

John Tatum

I am an Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineer (EE) with 44 years of experience in Radar, Electronic Warfare (EW) and High-Power Radio Frequency/Microwave (HPM) Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and their effects. I worked for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) for 37 years where I led a team of engineers investigating the effects of EM/RF energy on electronic systems. Since retiring in 2011, I have been a consultant on EW and DEWs for SURVICE and have written articles on HPM DEWs, Counter DEW, and HPM models. I also enjoy being a volunteer for the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program and teaching school children about Electricity and EE careers.