What is the status of face masks utilizing copper mesh filtration systems? DSIAC was asked about the development of tactical and surgical/medical reusable face masks that use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved copper mesh antimicrobial filters. DSIAC coordinated with the developer to obtain references on the effectiveness of the copper mesh,…

Voice From The Community

David Francis

I have held a variety of engineering and leadership positions on programs ranging from F-16, F-2, T-50, and F-35, as well as experience outside of Lockheed Martin in design, maintenance, and operations. Additionally, engineering, maintenance, and safety in flight operations were intertwined during my time with Mission Aviation Fellowship as a pilot and mechanic. I am currently working as a technical advisor in Sacheon, Republic of Korea, where I specialize in reliability, maintainability, diagnostics, condition-based maintenance, and reliability-centered maintenance analysis.