How can oscillating heat pipes be used to cool circuit boards/chips? An inquirer requested access to a DSIAC referenced article, "Circuit Card Assembly Heat Sinks Embedded with Oscillating Heat Pipes," and its references that had been previously published but no longer available through the original URL. DSIAC contacted the publishing organization to gain access to…

Voice From The Community

Ralph Tillinghast

I began my career outside the U.S. Department of Defense designing and developing medical and industrial endoscopic devices. I started working in mortar fire control systems at CCDC in 2003. During that time, I held various roles as design engineer, lead system engineer, project lead, and Army project officer. As an adjunct professor for the Armaments Graduate School, I currently instruct a class on fire control and am a strong advocate for STEM outreach, visiting schools monthly. I hold an undergraduate degree in electrical and mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in systems engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.