What metrics are used to measure electro-optics sensor performance or image loss due to image compression artifacts? DSIAC staff were requested to research and compile a list of technical reports in which image loss due to compression and compression-related artifacts were studied and characterized. The purpose of the research was…

Voice From The Community

Dr. Albert A. DeFusco

My interests lie in the area of energetic materials and formulations, especially those related to less sensitive energetics. My early career at the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, focused on the synthesis of insensitive high explosives (IHEs) and energetic polymers. Shortly thereafter, my research at Hercules Incorporated (now Orbital ATK), focused on the development of less sensitive rocket propellant formulations directed toward Insensitive Munitions (IM). Over the years, our work has been credited with development of rocket propellants that provide good energy-sensitivity balances for tactical munitions like Javelin, TOW 2 and HELLFIRE. My current interests continue to lie in the area of IM, with the goal of advocating and advancing further development of less sensitive formulations through interaction with the energetics community, and providing information analysis through DSIAC.