Can DSIAC supply U.S. Department of Defense contacts for critical technology area advising? DSIAC was asked to refer subject matter experts to the Australian Defence Science and Technology for support in critical manufacturing. DSIAC contacted U.S. Army Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) staff and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Director for the Logistics…

Voice From The Community

Tyler Englestad

Dr. Englestad, recently appointed as the integrated threat analysis and simulation environment (ITASE) systems lead,oversees the development and maintenance of 200+ intelligence community (IC) validated threat models. ITASE is the IC-wide modeling and simulation architecture designed to provide threat-representative, systems-of systems, kill-chain analysis for the Department of Defense. He is also a computational fluid dynamics subject mater expert for DIA’s MSIC where Tyler Englestand, ITASE Systems Lead, Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA's) Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) he is leading a project to reduce aerodynamics characterizations from weeks to days using general-purpose graphics processing unit technologies.