How efficient is Dahlgren Decon/Decon Green as a decontaminate against chemical, biological, and radioactive particles and how does it compare to DF200? DSIAC was asked to compile all available research on Dahlgren Decon and Decon Green testing and efficacy against chemical, biological, and radioactive particles to determine the possibility of replacing the currently used standard decontaminate. DSIAC was…

Voice From The Community

Rodger Cornell

I lead our nation in the research, development, and engineering of system-level armament solutions for the warfighter. As a science, mathematics, and research for transformation scholar, I am attending Columbia University to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. My research focus is on improving the gas-phase detailed chemical kinetics of energetic materials to develop more predictive, multiscale models used to simulate cook-off phenomena, rocket motor performance, and the decomposition of reactive materials.