What are the material properties of common structural building materials in the strain rate range of 0.001 to 100 s-1? The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) received a request for information on material properties of different common construction/building materials as functions of strain rates. Of particular interest were steels corresponding…

Voice From The Community

Dr. Robert Greendyke

I have worked in the field of hypersonic Computational Fluid Dynamics and radiative signatures, as well as hypersonic thermophysics for over 30 years. At AFIT, I teach the Hypersonic and Air Weapons course sequences to military and Department of Defense (DoD) civilians at the Master’s and PhD levels. I also conduct research into advanced hypersonics phenomenon and simulation of both domestic and foreign hypersonic vehicles. In addition, I provide various short courses in hypersonic physics to a variety of DoD and Intelligence Community member organizations.