What technologies are available as a target illumination laser and LED for use on fixed wing aircraft? DSIAC received a request for information on nonvisible lasers, LEDs, or other technologies for target illuminators at a high technologies readiness level (TRL) that meets given requirements. A DSIAC subject matter expert contacted a variety of original equipment…

Voice From The Community

Claude Phipps, Ph.D. Managing Partner

As a physicist, I work on new applications of laser propulsion while incorporating data. These applications  involve rep-pulse, ultraviolet, and short-pulse lasers, which provide better mechanical coupling and less target heating. My expertise includes laser interaction with surfaces, modeling and measurements, design of high-energy laser systems for fusion and propulsion, optical diagnostics of plasmas, and general plasma physics. I have worked with NASA on research initiatives, including a validation study of “Orion,” a laser space debris removal concept. I have a Ph.D. in plasma physics from Stanford and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.