Event Date: September 01 2020 to September 05 2020
Location:R.F.H Tactical Mobility (RFHTM)

2020 Strike Challenge – Domestic Capabilities and Specialized Response Equipment Demonstration

For 2020, the Strike Challenge affords U.S. industry the opportunity to present current and evolving domestic capability (DOMOPS) and specialized response equipment/systems. The event encompasses tactile interactive demonstration of equipment specifically designed for emergency response, survivability, security, search and rescue (SAR), and "special" operations. Strike Challenge traditionally focuses on compact (man-pack and/or light mobility), efficient, and advanced support systems/equipage developed by industry to provide a force multiplier to the light responder/specialized unit or government agency conducting high-consequence, critical success missions.


Strike Challenge 2020 provides opportunity for participants to assess products from various U.S. suppliers in a series of scenarios and/or tactile interactions focusing on U.S. government response.

Equipage involving response and recovery during chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear; manmade; and natural disaster events will be on hand. Participants will have the capability to participate in demonstrations on products that will allow detection, identification, decontamination, and protection while operating in a contaminated environment. Use of high-mobility platforms (ground and water) will provide the participants with various methods to transport personnel into the scene and extract first responders and victims in austere environments, such as land and maritime.

Command, control, and sustainment are essential during the response and recovery phases of disaster events. Participants will be able to view and assess traditional and nontraditional equipage unique to responders within a common operating picture, such as minimized infrastructure. Aspects include remote power generation/restoration, critical communications, SAR and security team extended sustainment, human survival condition, and other related capabilities to enhance and multiply first response.

The innovative tactical systems on hand during Strike Challenge share common utility with Special Operations components. These shared applications allow parallel evaluation of the equipage from the unique perspective of the specialized operator.

In order to maximize collection of scientific and technical information on the systems undergoing evaluation and help transition knowledge on the systems into the U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies, the DTIC Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) will be supporting the 2020 Strike Challenge Demo. Event organizers and DSIAC representatives will be on-site to capture user feedback of demonstrated functionality through after-action reports. This information is the onus behind participating industry elements to evolve, develop, and eventually propose new and/or emerging Warfighter capabilities. (NOTE:  There is no implied or expected government acquisition at Strike Challenge.)

Minimum Salient Requirements/Characteristics of Strike Challenge Demonstration:

All products available under the auspices of Strike Challenge shall fundamentally demonstrate the salient, physical, functional, or other characteristics desired as a future or current capability set forth by experienced end users. The resultant after action may eventually be relied upon to generate or meet the future essential needs of the mobilized Warfighter and/or government agent.

Period of Performance:

Period of performance for this dynamic demonstration shall be from September 1 through September 3, 2020. Exhibitors will be required on-site for setup by August 31, 2020. Attendee travel dates will be August 31 and September 4, 2020.

During the event, all exhibitors are freely encouraged to conduct demonstrations at their assigned Virginia International Raceway (VIR) or Hyco Lake location. Each exhibitor who purchases a demo will be scheduled (program) to conduct their demo to benefit all attendees at a set-aside location.

Special Considerations and Amenities:

  1. On-Site Logistics & Safety

    • Limited shuttle transportation will be available for demonstrating site-to-site movement (travel between VIR and Hyco Lake is ~15 minutes).

    • Lodging and camping are available at VIR. Lodging is also available in nearby Danville, VA, and Roxboro, NC.

    • First responders and ambulance will be available or onsite during the 3-day demonstration.

  2. Direct Interactive Participant Activity

    • As part of Strike Challenge, attendees may choose to operate tactical land vehicles, watercraft, mounted weapons, and specialized DOMOPS/SAR equipment. Operations will involve traversing difficult terrain and obstacles; temporarily occupying, entering, and egressing through VIR buildings that may be in a variety of physical conditions; handling sensitive electronic devices; entering, exiting, riding, and using military support vehicles; and navigating a semi-autonomous vehicle and other unique advanced equipment. Instruction will be provided, and specialists will be on hand to monitor/assist all activity. Attendees that opt to do so must sign a mandatory event waiver and freely and voluntarily assume any and all risk of injury that such activities may potentially involve.


DSIAC is soliciting personnel with DOMOPS, Expeditionary Forces, First Responder, Special Operations Forces, and/or technology RDT&E experience and expertise to assist in the assessing demonstrated products. If you would like to be considered, when registering, please select "Assessor" in the "Participation" drop-down list. You will then be asked to provide additional information related to your practical experience.

NOTE:  The sponsors recognize that assessors are providing support on a "voluntary" basis. As such, assessor activities will be accomplished during normal event hours. Although a "Hotwash" opportunity will be provided at the end of each day to review assessment forms, this is not mandatory. Assessment forms can be turned in to an IAC representative and reviewed at any time during the day.

Rain-Out Information:

This is an all-weather demonstration. Exercises may be conducted in inclement weather; however, covered/protected areas are limited. Therefore, plan accordingly and bring a poncho or other appropriate clothing.


Continental breakfast with pastries, fruit, and a coffee bar will be included at the event site. Unlimited, no-fee specialty coffee drinks will be available from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  Two no-fee socials will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


  • Please be aware this event requires payment. Payments will be processed by RFH Tactical Mobility [www.rfhtacticalmobility.com].
  • PAYMENT METHOD: Please make CC, Checks or Money Order payable to: ​RFH Tactical Mobility1025 Raceplex Dr., Alton, VA 24520
  • DEMO REQUESTS: Please contact Amanda at clothiera@rfhtacticalmobility.com with all demo requests, amount of time needed, etc.
  • PAYMENT DEADLINES: Company is liable for contracted funds based on the following payment schedule:
    • 50% due upon registration.
    • 100% due 60 days prior to the event. (July 3, 2020)



  • FREE with ID Card (registration still required)

Civilians/Retired Military:

  • $125/3-days
  • $50/day
  • Fee Includes:
    • Full access to all Strike Challenge exhibitors, demonstrations and social events.
    • Continental Breakfast with Coffee Bar at the Virginia International Raceway. Unlimited, no fee specialty coffee drinks.
    • On-site social for both (2) event evenings (Tuesday & Wednesday).
    • Note: The Strike Challenge social complies as Exemption under 5CFR2635 (as amended) and value does not exceed 50/50 Rule.


  • Each registrant will need to complete and sign a Waiver (available for download here or in the “Additional Information” tab) then submit it to Amanda Clothier (clothiera@rfhtacticalmobility.com). Waivers will also be available on site before checking in.
  • Assessors – If you have experience and/or expertise in the DOMOPS, Expeditionary Forces, First Responder, Special Operations Forces, or technology RDT&E area, please consider applying to help with assessment of the demonstrated products by selecting “Assessor” in the “Participation” drop-down list.

NOTE: The sponsors recognize that assessors are providing support on a “voluntary” basis. As such, assessor activities will be accomplished during normal event hours. Although a “Hotwash” opportunity will be provided at the end of each day to review assessment forms, this is not mandatory. Assessment forms can be turned in to an IAC representative and reviewed at any time during the day.

  • Sponsor Pricing – Please contact RFH Tactical Mobility (clothiera@rfhtacticalmobility.com) .
  • Attendance space and participation is very limited. Early registration is highly encouraged, and final attendance approval will be determined & granted by RFH Tactical Mobility [www.rfhtacticalmobility.com].

Please be aware, in order to register for this event, you must be logged into your DSIAC.org account. If you do not have an account, you will not be able to register. The option to sign up should be on the right-hand side of the page.

**Make sure to complete the Registration Form here (also available in the “Additional Information” tab) and the one below after you’re logged in**

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