DTIC R&E Gateway

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R&E Gateway (http://www.dtic.mil) offers a secure, collaborative environment in which DoD and industry partners (even if separated by geography, time or organization) can access a wide range of information and data.

  • DoDTechSpace - engage in dialogue, create content, coordinate on projects and connect with colleagues.
  • DoDTechipedia - build an online encyclopedia of S&T related information and join virtual teams/communities to address technical challenges.
  • Search - discover DoD research projects and documents, as well as people, places and content from the DoDTechSpace community.
  • Analytics - view, create charts and download S&T funding information, congressional budget data and business information on DoD Labs.

For assistance with access, contact dtic.belvoir.us.mbx.dtic-access@mail.mil. For help with content or searching, contact dtic.belvoir.us.mbx.reference@mail.mil.

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