Subject Matter Experts

DSIAC Subject Matter Experts

The DSIAC's SME Network is one of the most valuable resources to the user community. They provide a wealth of knowledge and information to the center through a variety of means. For example, SMEs are the main contributors of journal articles and webinar presentations. In addition, they are also available to respond to inquiries, assist with State-of-the-Art reports (SOARs), and perform research and analysis to support Core Analysis Tasks (CATs).

Requirements for Becoming a DSIAC SME

DSIAC SMEs are those individuals who are considered to be experts in the fields that fall within the DSIAC’s technical domain. No single criterion provides the basis for being considered an expert, but instead it is based on a combination of factors, including an individual’s:

  • Education (i.e., undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees)
  • Work Experience (years in the field, positions held, past programs, etc.)
  • Publications

The database consists of a wide range of SMEs from various backgrounds. Among those are members of the DSIAC’s technical staff, key individuals from team member organizations, retired senior military leaders, leading academic researchers, and industry executives.

The responsibilities of a DSIAC SME are entirely up to the individual. The online survey (mentioned below) provides applicants with a list of activities for which they would like to be considered. The activities include:

  • Journal Articles (review and/or author)
  • Respond to Technical Inquiries
  • Present Webinars
  • Author State-of-the-Art Reports (SOARs), Critical Review/Technology Assessments (CR/TAs)
  • Maintain a DSIAC Blog

Apply to Become a DSIAC SME

To join the DSIAC’s SME Network, please Contact DSIAC. A DSIAC administrator will then contact you with further instructions on how to become an SME.