Refers to the scientific study of energy under transformation for defense systems and military applications.

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What CAD systems do U.S. Department of Defense organizations use to set up target models with material properties that can be imported to a physics-based simulation for...
What information is available on IMX-104 manufacturing and programs of record? DSIAC was asked to provide information regarding the insensitive munition IMX-104. The...
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29 January 2019
DSIAC Winter 2019: Volume 6 Number 1
Note: Shipping limited to the US only. As an extension to our regular operations, the DSIAC Basic Center of Operation (BCO) has conducted 58 externally-funded efforts to...
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INTRODUCTION When addressing the National Space Council on June 18, 2018, President Trump made clear his spacefaring vision for America when he said: “My administration is...
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15 January 2019