Military Sensing

Includes all sensing applications, including x-ray, ultraviolet, visible/optical, infrared, radar, laser, acoustic, & other sensors.

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12 February 2019
What CAD systems do U.S. Department of Defense organizations use to set up target models with material properties that can be imported to a physics-based simulation for...
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29 January 2019
What technologies are available as a target illumination laser and LED for use on fixed wing aircraft? DSIAC received a request for information on nonvisible lasers,...
What efforts focus on eVTOL aircraft and the potential for noise reduction of rotary-wing vehicles? As part of the ongoing DSIAC technology scanning program, DSIAC staff...
Source: NTS
X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) scanning has been in use for decades, and it remains a key component in non-destructive testing (NDT). XCT allows a user to create a...
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February 27, 2019 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm EST