2018 High Temple Workshop

2018 High Temple
Event Date: 
January 29, 2018 to February 1, 2018
High Temple
Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel, Palm Springs, CA


The High Temperature Polymeric Laminate (HIGH TEMPLE aka High Temple) Workshop was initiated in 1982 by a Tri-Service/NASA steering group composed of the following members: John Rhodehamel, AFWAL/MLSE; Jim Koury, AFRPL/MKAT; Terry St. Clair, NASA/Langley Research Center; Tito Serafini, NASA Lewis Research Center; Richard Thompson, U.S. Army Missile Command; and Charles Blackman, Naval Surface Weapons Center. The 1st High Temple Workshop was administered by Ken Clayton, University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). Workshop 1 was co-sponsored by the JANNAF Structures and Mechanical Behavior and Propulsion Costs Subcommittees and hosted by the NASA/White Sands Test Facility, New Mexico, on 24-28 May 1982. The purpose of the workshop was to determine the state of development of high temperature polymeric composites and to establish an understanding of future technology needs and service requirements. Emphasis was placed on basic polymer chemistry, materials development, and materials applications. Presentation material was documented in Chemical Propulsion Information Agency (CPIA) Publication 358, dated June 1982.


The success of the initial workshop led to a 2nd Workshop hosted by UDRI and held at the Dayton Mall Holidome, Dayton, Ohio, on 7-9 December 1982. Emphasis was on the processibility and producibility of high temperature polymeric composites from both a lamination and filament-wound approach. Presentation material was documented in AFWAL/MLSE Report AFWAL-TR-83-4026, dated February 1983.
The 3rd Workshop was hosted by UDRI and held at the Dayton Mall Holidome on 26-28 October 1983. Emphasis was focused on the art and science of testing and evaluating polymeric composites that are designed to be used in a temperature range of 600°F to 1,400°F. Extensive discussions covered the topical areas of requirements, material system usage criteria, candidate screening tests, structural element and full -scale verification test methods, physical and mechanical properties test methods, chemical characterization, and material system acceptance criteria. Presentation material was documented in AFWAL/MLSE Report AFWAL-TR-84-4027, dated March 1984.

Workshops 4-37 were general topic workshops covering the area of design, development, testing, and application of high temperature reinforced polymeric composites. Presentation materials from workshops 4-24 were published during the workshops for distribution to all attendees. Presentation materials from workshops 25-34 were provided on the NAMIS website, until it was shut down in July 2014. At that time, presentation materials from HT 1-34 were moved to the Defense Technical Information Center website. Presentation materials from HT 36-37 were distributed to attendees on a CD.