2018 JASP Model Users Meeting

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Event Date: 
June 12, 2018 to June 14, 2018
Joint Aircraft Survivability Program

The 2018 Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) Model Users Meeting (JMUM) will be held 12-14 June 2018 at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), 2950 Hobson Way, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.  The purpose of this recurring meeting is to provide model users, managers, stakeholders, and other interested individuals with information about the latest developments and updates associated with JASP-sponsored models and other models in use throughout the aircraft survivability and vulnerability technical community. 

Attendees will be briefed on the latest software developments, upgrades, and threat model updates in a DoD classified environment.  The meeting will consist of a plenary session of general interest topics on Day 1; followed by concurrent group breakouts for the Air-to-Air, Surface-to-Air, and Survivability/Lethality model groups on Day 2 and if necessary, Day 3; and Configuration Control Board (CCB) meetings for ESAMS, COVART, and FPM on Day 3.  

JMUM attendees are encouraged to share insights and lessons-learned from the practical use of these models in their respective user group breakouts.  Refer to the agenda tab for the daily schedule.  If you are a presenter, please send your unclassified briefing to:  Alfred Yee at Alfred.Yee@dsiac.org.  If you have a classified briefing, please SIPR it to:  Alfred.Q.Yee.ctr@mail.smil.mil.

Air-to-Air Engagement Group

  • BRAWLER* – Air-to-Air Combat Model
  • J-ACE – Joint Anti-Air Combat Effectiveness
  • JAAM – Joint Anti-Air Model

Surface-to-Air Group

  • ALARM* – Advanced Low Altitude Radar Model
  • BLUEMAX* – Flight Path Generator
  • DREAM* – Directed RF Energy Assessment Model
  • ESAMS* – Enhanced Surface-to-Air Missile Simulation
  • RADGUNS* – Radar-Directed Gun System Simulation
  • ADAM – Air Defense Artillery Model
  • Amber – Ground based radar model implemented in Matlab/Simulink
  • MOSAIC – Modeling System for Advanced Investigation of Countermeasures

Vulnerability/Lethality Group

  • COVART* – Computation of Vulnerable Area Tool
  • FASTGEN* – Fast Shotline Generator
  • FATEPEN* – Fast Air-Target Encounter Penetration Endgame Framework
  • FPM* – Fire Prediction Model
  • MUVES/AJEM – Modular UNIX-based Vulnerability Estimation Suite/Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model
  • ProjPen – Projectile Penetration Model

*Part of the JASP Model Suite

Questions should be directed to Alfred Yee, DSIAC, at 937-255-4608 or alfred.yee@dsiac.org

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018, Plenary Session (AFIT Bane Hall Auditorium)
0800Welcome – JMUM Administrative Information
0810JASPO Welcome
0820DSIAC Welcome
0835(C) Threat Update
0905(C) China Integrated Air Defense System (IADS)
935Networking Break
955(C) Intel/Threat Briefing
1025(C) NGIC Models: Threats to Airborne Systems
1055(C) JMUM Naval SAM Update
1125Lunch Break
1235(C) Aircraft Combat Data Update Thru FY2017
1305Brawler Overview - Air Combat Simulation
1325COVART/Vulnerability Toolkit Overview
1345(C) ESAMS Overview
1405(C) Leveraging M&S for the Development of TTPs
1435Networking Break
1455JLaSE Overview & JTCG/ME JMEM Support Events
1525J-ACE: JAAM 5.3/5.4 and EM v5.4
1555BlueMax 6 Overview
1625Applications of Second Order Linear Differential Equations to Model a Hydrodynamic Ram Cavity
1645Flow Properties through a Ballistically Generated Orifice during a Hydrodynamic Ram Event
Wednesday, 13 June 2018, Breakout Sessions
TimeSurface-to-Air (Rm TBD)Air-to-Air (Rm TBD)Vulnerability (Rm TBD)
0805COVART Updates
0815Surface-to-Air Welcome
0830(C) ESAMS 5.4 OverviewAir-to-Air Welcome
0835NGFM - HRAM and Flash Status
0845(C) ESAMS Development UpdatesBrawler 8.4 Release Presentation
0915(C) I/Q Level Early Warning Radar Simulation
0935Networking Break
0945Networking BreakNetworking Break
0950AJEM/MUVES Updates
1000Air Launched Vehicle Option in ESAMS 5.4Brawler On-Going Work
1030(C) ESAMS Electronic Attack and Multiple Signals
1050AJEM/MUVES Dimensional Shotlining
1100JASP Sponsored SCR Fixes for FY19
1120Lunch Break
1130Lunch Break
1145Lunch Break
1245(C) AJEM/MUVES Dimensional Penetrator Application
1300(C) J-ACE Demo(C) J-ACE Demo
1315(C) Miniature Self Defense Munition & Debris Avoidance
1345ARMER DemoARMER Demo(C) F-35 Live Fire Testing & Vulnerability Analysis - SDD Summary
1415Network Break
1425Characterization of the RPG Threat in COVART
1430HIVE OverviewNetworking Break
1445ESM Resource Management
1455RPG-COVART Integration
1500Networking Break
1515(C) Helicopters in ESAMSBrawler CCB
1525Networking Break
1535TRMC Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology Program
1545(C) Air Defense Artillery: North Korea
1555Laser Effects Modeling - LASERFX
1615ESAMS CCBAdjourn Session for Day
1625Laser Effects Modeling - ETB
1900BRUSER Dinner - - Optional -- Warped Wing Brewing Company, 26 Wyandot St, Dayton, OH 45402

*1300-1430 Combined Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air Session for JAAM 5.3 and ARMER Demos (Rm TBD)

Thursday, 14 June 2018, Breakout Sessions
TimeSurface-to-Air (Rm TBD)Air-to-Air (Rm TBD)Vulnerability (Rm TBD)
0800Common Threat File Updates
0815(C) Antenna Modeling in ESAMS
0830(C) JMUM AAM Breakout SessionFATEPEN/ProjPen Updates and Roadmap
0845(C) ESAMS-to-Suppressor Comparison
0900AJEM/MUVES Roadmap
0915OPENAI Radar Model Development
0930Networking Break
0945Networking BreakNetworking BreakFASTGEN & COVART CCB
1000(C) ONI Threat Model Upgrades(C) PLMAIN Modifications and Brawler/JAAM SAMs
1030Quilt Plot Analysis Tool (QPAT) for JAAM
1100Networking Break
1115Whitebook 2.1 -- a dynamic supplement to AFTTP 3-1
1130(C) Early Warning Radar UpdateWrap-Up/Discussion
1200Adjourn SessionAdjourn Session
Building 640
2950 Hobson Way
Air Force Institute of Technology
WPAFB, OH 45444
United States

For detailed instructions on the AFIT Campus, please click here to download.

Air Force Institute of Technology (Bldg. 640)

2950 Hobson Way, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

Security Deadline: 
April 30, 2019

Base Access

Registrations for those without CACs must obtain a visitor pass for base access.

Please send the following information to Alfred Yee (alfred.yee@dsiac.org, 937-255-4608) before 3:00PM 1 June 2018 and pick up your visitor pass from "Pass and ID/Visitor Control", Building 286 in Area A of WPAFB.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Driver license number (Minnesota and Missouri not accepted)

**If do not have a CAC and do not submit your visitor pass information before 3:00PM 1 June 2018, you will need to go to "Pass and ID/Visitor Control", Building 286 in Area A of WPAFB to obtain a visitor pass; this will add significant time to get on base for the meeting.**

Visit Request

Reason for Visit: Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) Model Users Meeting (JMUM)

POC Name and Phone Number for Meeting: Alfred Yee, 937-255-4608

First Day of Visit: June 12, 2018

Last Day of Visit: June 14, 2018

SMO Code: 1KRL36

Need-to-Know Form

Click here to download the Need-to-Know form, complete the form, and then submit it to Alfred Yee (alfred.yee@dsiac.org, 937-255-4608).