2018 JASP Susceptibility Reduction Work Group

Registration is open to U.S. Citizens ONLY


Event Date: 
September 5, 2018 to September 7, 2018
Joint Combat Assessment Team (JCAT)
Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office

The JCAT is hosting the JASP Susceptibility Reduction Work Group to bring together subject matter experts from the modeling, simulation and operational communities to determine current capabilities and limitations for TTP (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) development.   Additionally, to identify stakeholders for determining the way ahead for leveraging modeling and simulation applications for TTP development.

Who Should Attend

  • Aviation operations personnel
  • Modeling and Simulation Model Managers
  • M&S requirements personnel
  • M&S test and data collectors

Program Features

  • Overview of available models
  • Service M&S requirements discussion
  • Service platform configuration and mission profile brief
  • Discussions on current signature libraries
  • Review of recent and upcoming M&S related test/data collection events
Registration Information: 

Wednesday September 5th: Check-In and Security In-Processing:
Security check in will begin at 0800 Wednesday 5 September in the Seneff Building (Directorate of Simulation, Bldg 5440)

Susceptability Reduction Work Group
TimeWednesday 5 SeptemberThursday 6 SeptemberFriday 7 September
0800 - 0830Intro and SecurityIntro and SecurityIntro and Security
0830 - 0915SRWG Mission and OutputALARM BriefRW M&S Requirements (USMC/Navy)
0915 - 1000ATCOM BriefESAMS BriefRW M&S Requirements (USAF)
1000 - 1015BreakBreakBreak
1015 - 1030RW M&S Requirements (ARSOA)
1015 - 1100SS2 ATCOM Future Threats - FVL BriefQRT 2.0 Data Requirements
1030 - 1045Configuration Breakout Brief
1045 - 1100Mission Profile Breakout Brief
1100 - 1115Requirements Outbrief
1100 - 1145JAMS BriefRW Signature Data Collection - Pax
1115 - 1130Closing Comments
1145 - 1245LunchLunch
1300 - 1345AFSIM BriefThreat Sensors - NGIC
1345 - 1400Blue Max BriefThreat Sensors - NASIC
1400 - 1415Configuration BreakoutPMCCS - Expendable Signatures
1415 - 1500BreakBreak
1500 - 1545Signature 'Quality' BriefRW M&S Requirements (Army)
1545 - 1600Review Panel RequirementsReview Panel Requirements
Download Schedule(s): 
Seneff Building (Bldg 5440)
5440 Third Ave.
Fort Rucker, AL 36362
United States

For detailed lodging and transportation information, please download the welcome packet located in the Additional Information tab.

Seneff Building

5440 Third Ave., Fort Rucker, Alabama, 36362

Security Deadline: 
August 30, 2018

The SRWG will be conducted at the SECRET/US Only level. Clearance and access information must be annotated in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) IAW DAMI-CD Memorandum, Subject: Changes to Procedures, dated 26 January 2005.

Contact your local security office to ensure your organization has taken ownership of you and granted access in JPAS.

For JPAS clearance certification (TCM-AB, Aviation Survivability Development And Tactics Team (ASDAT)):  The SMO Code is W0U9AA6Q. Then verify access request by emailing the ASDAT security POC Mr. Warren ‘Jeff’ Whitmire. 334 255-2441 (DSN 558) warren.j.whitmire.civ@mail.mil.  Deadline for security clearance certification is 30 August 2018.

If JPAS is not available ensure you have a memorandum stating clearance level signed by security manager.

Note 1.  Personnel that maintain two identities in JPAS, one for a civilian employment and another for military duties in the Reserve Component must ensure the appropriate clearance association is reflected in their security clearance verification.

Note 2.  Contractors are required to provide a current copy of their DD254 - Contract Security Classification Specification to the security POC to validate need-to-know.

Additional Info

Briefcases, large purses, cell phones, pagers and other electronics are NOT allowed inside the meeting venue. Zip lock bags and a designated table will be provided for own-risk placement of devices.


Appropriate dress for this training is duty uniform for military or business casual for civilians.

Points of Contact: 

JCAT - Army
Aviation Survivability Development And Tactics (ASDAT) Team
DSN 558-1820

(443) 360-4600