2018 Science, Technology, and Innovation Exchange

Event Date: 
August 2, 2018
U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington, DC

STIx was started in 2017 by the Basic Research Office to showcase the transformative impacts of the DoD's science and technology programs.

DoD sponsored research has enabled technologies that we use every day – from the internet and GPS to auto-injectors and improved surgical techniques. These have transformed the way we communicate, travel, and live healthier lives.  STIx aims to highlight ongoing scientific work, promote learning and enable collaboration by providing DoD-funded scientists, engineers, program managers, and students a platform to share their research with broad audiences. 

This year’s STIx event is all about the connections that are at the heart of science and technology. They tie together the student and the mentor, and link groups of scientists in collaboration. Connections lie between innovation and application, the known and the unknown, and the network of ideas in different disciplines that combine to produce new discoveries. This year's STIx event celebrates the importance of these connections to DoD science.