2018 TARDEC Industry Day - Next Generation Combat Vehicle

Event Date: 
April 24, 2018
John Lewis Conference Center, Macomb Community College

TARDEC Industry Day Addendum - Next Generation Combat Vehicle
The Next Generation of Combat Vehicles allows the Army to achieve combat vehicle overmatch in close combat against the pacing threat. It delivers decisive lethality with manned and unmanned teaming as part of a combined arms team in the future operating environment. Soldiers must have a next generation combat vehicle that provides increased survivability, mobility and lethality at a reduced weight, to close with and destroy peer threats through maneuver, firepower, and shock-effect.

Teammates from the Next Generation Ground Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team - including US Army TARDEC and PM Armored Fighting Vehicles (PM AFV) are seeking to collaborate with a team comprised of innovative engineering organizations from industry, academia and defense communities, to create the Army's next generation ground combat vehicles. The Industry Days event is designed to foster this collaboration to bring the Warfighter an adaptable, modular and flexible capability. The NGCV prototyping effort is a multimillion dollar and multi-year project focused on the design and integration of component technologies into prototype combat vehicle platforms encompassing a manned fighting vehicle and unmanned robotic combat vehicle capability. Agenda and discussion topics will be provided at Industry Day.