2019 Integrated Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance Conference (ICNS)

Source: http://navylive.dodlive.mil/2014/04/09/game-changing-navy-technologies/

Source: http://navylive.dodlive.mil/2014/04/09/game-changing-navy-technologies/

Event Date: 
April 9, 2019 to April 11, 2019
Westin Washington Dulles Airport, Herndon, VA

The ICNS Conference addresses long-term research and development as well as current implementation of integrated CNS technologies needed to enable programs that include, but are not limited to, NextGen and SESAR.

The conference is focused on providing an understanding of domestic and international CNS/ATM programs, implementation strategies, standards development, research, and ICNS technologies. As we continue the second decade of ICNS, we focus on the relationship between next generation air traffic management and the enabling communications, navigation, and surveillance infrastructure that will build the bridge between CNS and ATM.

Two thousand seven marked the first year under the new sponsorship of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). From 2001 to 2006, the conference was hosted by the Space Communications Program at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Conference Keynotes: 

  • Pascal Lhoest, NetJets Transportes Areos, “ICNS – The Impact on Operators”: Developments in the CNS roadmap, the impact it has on operators, and the possible emphasis points that could be big game changers for the operators.
  • Terry McVenes, President and CEO, RTCA, “Standards Development in the 21st Century”

Plenary Day 1: Global Harmonization

The first day’s plenary will provide regional updates on major modernization programs (NEXTGEN, SESAR, CARATS) around the world. The plenary will also focus on the results of ICAO’s 13th Air Navigation Conference “From Development to Implementation,” which encompassed implementation of operational improvements, such as technology, operational concepts, and road maps, and provided an opportunity for Member States and aviation stakeholders to work on global strategies for safety and air navigation planning, development, and implementation and to set priorities for the coming years.


  • Plenary Moderators and Introduction: Steve Bradford, FAA), and Michael Standar, SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU)
  • Outcome of the 13th ANC: Saulo Da Silva, ICAO
  • Japan CARATS Update: Mr. Takahashi, Japan Civil Aviation Bureau
  • SESAR Update: Mariagrazia La Piscopia, SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM)
  • NextGen Update: Steve Bradford, FAA
  • European Perspective: Emilien Robert, EUROCONTROL
  • MITRE Presentation: Dennis Sawyer, MITRE
  • Airbus Perspective: Didier Delibes, Airbus
  • Boeing Perspective: Dr. Chip Meserole, Boeing

Plenary Day 2: CNS Standardization and Certification

Day 2 addresses the CNS standardization and certification developments, as well as planning for the future. Among others, the panelists will address what changes may be needed in the standardization and certification process and how better synergies between them can be obtained so that standards support and better facilitate the certification and eventual implementation of the new and more complex CNS systems in the future.


  • Plenary Moderator & Introduction: Steve Van Trees, FAA
  • FAA Certification: Steve Van Trees, FAA
  • EASA Certification: Thomas Mickler, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • RTCA Standards: Al Secen, RTCA
  • ARINC Standards: Paul Prisaznuk, ARINC

Plenary Day 3: Future Communications Infrastructure Status

A panel of experts participating in future infrastructure design and development will provide status updates on ongoing work areas such as new technologies — including SATCOM, LDACS and AeroMACS, and the internet protocol suite for aviation (ATN/IPS) — and will address spectrum usage and future plans.


  • Plenary Moderator & Introduction: Brent Phillips, FAA
  • Internet Protocol Suite for Aviation Communications: Aloke Roy, Honeywell
  • AeroMACS Update: Declan Byrne, WiMAX Forum
  • LDACS Update: Michael Schnell: German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Inmarsat SBB Update: Danny Bharj, Inmarsat
  • Iridium Update: Luke Sienkiewicz, Iridium
  • FCC Spectrum Presentation: FCC Representative