34th Annual National Test and Evaluation Conference

Source: https://www.dsjournal.com/industry-calendar/ndias-34th-annual-national-test-and-evaluation-conference-fort-walton-beach-fl/

Source: https://www.dsjournal.com/industry-calendar/ndias-34th-annual-national-test-and-evaluation-conference-fort-walton-beach-fl/

Event Date: 
May 13, 2019 to May 15, 2019
Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach, FL

The 34th Annual National Test & Evaluation (T&E) Conference will be held May 15 – 17 at the Emerald Coast Conference Center, Fort Walton Beach, FL. In order for our country to remain the world’s finest fighting force, we need to rapidly generate and sustain a strategic advantage over our adversaries. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is taking steps toward this through reorganization and process reform to speed up the development and deployment of technologically superior weapon systems. What is T&E role in all of this? How can we help?

The National Defense Strategy (NDS) calls on the Defense community to continuously deliver performance with affordability and speed and pursue urgent change at a significant scale and at the speed of relevance to support the Warfighter.  Modernized T&E faces challenges (process, technological, and cross-domain complexity) in enabling the NDS, through effective, efficient, and timely Developmental  Testing and Operational Testing (DT & OT) of weapons systems. Providing a dominant Joint Force requires delivering advanced performance with affordability and speed, organizing for innovation, and pursuing streamlined rapid and iterative approaches from development to fielding.  These all have impacts on the T&E community.

During this conference, senior T&E leaders will present their views on the challenges ahead on how industry and government can partner together for achieving the critical goals of the NDS. The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) also invites high-quality, professional presentations that reflect the theme and address the focus areas being featured in the event. For information on how to submit a presentation abstract, see the "Call for Abstracts" page.

The DoD is investing broadly in military applications of autonomy, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, including rapid application of commercial breakthroughs, to gain competitive military advantages. These technologies present significant T&E challenges to the Defense community, requiring innovative approaches to support rapid adoption and fielding.

The T&E Division encourages informed dialogue between the private and public sectors on defense T&E issues; champions the development of T&E policies that improve the developmental, operational, and live-fire T&E process; and builds partnerships between the private and public sectors. Focusing mainly on developmental, operational, and live-fire testing, the division supports an annual symposium, a live-fire T&E event every 18 months, and quarterly meetings of NDIA’s Industrial Committee on Test & Evaluation. The division also presents the Walter Hollis Award for Lifetime Achievement in Defense Test and Evaluation, the Arthur Stein Award for Lifetime Achievement in Live-Fire Test and Evaluation, and the Tester of the Year Award.