3rd Unmanned Maritime Systems

Event Date: 
November 1, 2017 to November 2, 2017
Unmanned Maritime Systems
Washington Plaza, 10 Thomas Circle NW, Washington DC 20005

With a shift towards conventional warfare with peer threats in the foreseeable future, the importance of Maritime Domain Awareness and Dominance is front and center as priority for success. With the proliferation of surface and subsurface vessel technology and the growing threat environment, it is important the unmanned platforms continue to develop in order to conduct the dangerous, dirty jobs that prevent risking the lives of Sailors and Marines. Anti-Submarine Warfare, Counter Mine operations and persistent ISR capability are just some of the mission sets that autonomous and radio controlled Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), and Unmanned Surface Vehicles  (USVs) can accomplish while keeping Servicemembers safe. 

Also critical to maintaining dominance in the Maritime Domain is developing a better understanding of it. UUVs and USVs can help to conduct important Oceanography and Survey missions that allow us to better understand the complex nature of subsurface operations, from navigation to current and landscape the information gathered, shared and analyzed allows Naval forces and commercial interests to better understand efficient, and effective ways to operate in the Maritime domain. 

Recent developments in radar and sensor technology, power generation, transfer and storage, C4ISR capability, as well as delivery and recovery methods have led to a tipping point where investment in Unmanned Maritime Systems can provide a significant advantage to our national defense. Join us to explore the depths of this growing defense priority and shape the discussion of the way ahead in Unmanned maritime systems.