5-Day Practical Shock Analysis & Design Course

Event Date: 
October 1, 2018 to October 5, 2018
Hi-Test Labs
Hyatt Place Portland, Portland, ME

This 5-day course will provide a comprehensive treatment of practical shock design and analytical shock simulation with special emphasis on requirements, methods, and procedures for naval qualification for shock produced by underwater explosion by both test and analytical means.  

The course will be especially useful to those concerned with shock design and/or qualification of structures, machinery, and equipment for U.S. Navy combatant vessels.  Current applicable acquisition programs include DDG 51, DDG 1000, LPD 17, SSN 774, OHIO Replacement, CVN 78, LHA 6, LCS 1&2, FF, as well as fleet upgrades and service life extensions.   

Although this course is aimed primarily at shock design applications on naval vessels, the analysis and design techniques presented are equally applicable to problems related to design for seismic loads or blast induced ground shock.