Directed Energy Day

Directed Energy Day
Event Date: 
October 19, 2017
Defense Strategies Institute
The Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA


DSI’s Directed Energy Day will focus on the efforts across the military branches to advance and utilize directed energy technologies. The discussion will cover latest the initiatives to apply directed energy to existing platforms and recent efforts to further develop the technology.

2017 Topics to Include

  • DoD Perspective on Directed Energy Based Non-lethal Weapons
  • Transitioning Directed Energy Weapons from the Conceptual to the Practical
  • Offensive and Defensive Applications of Directed Energy Weapons
  • Applications of Directed Energy Weapons within the Surface Fleet
  • Understanding the Mission Role: Where Can DE Weapons Be Utilized to Fulfill Existing Needs
  • Shifting the Calculus of Adversaries by Utilizing Directed Energy within the BMDS Architecture
  • Platforms That Show the Most Promise for the Execution of Directed Energy Oriented Missions

Why You Should Attend This Symposium

The Directed Energy Day will allow US military commands, government agencies, academia, and technology providers the chance to have an open discussion about the current and future roles of directed energy weapons. The goal of this conference is to create meaningful progress in solving some of the complex issues to support the DoD’s ability to utilize the latest in directed energy weapons technology in both defensive and offensive capacities.

The Symposium will hold sessions that will discuss advances made in the field over the last several years and how those advances translate into making directed energy technology more accessible and usable. The Symposium will focus in on the future goals for DE technology across the military services and how they plan to integrate it with existing and future platforms.