EaglePicher Technology Workshop 2017

Event Date: 
October 24, 2017 to October 25, 2017
EaglePicher Technologies, LLC
Downstream Resort, 69300 Nee Road, Quapaw, OK 74363

Agenda covers the following topics plus facility tours:

  • High Energy Li-ion Cell for Next Generation
  • Batteries for Commercial, Defense, and UAV Applications
  • EPT Space Lithium Ion Battery Designs
  • Li-ion Conformal Wearable Battery
  • Primary Conformal Wearable Battery
  • Safe Lithium Ion Battery Development
  • Downhole Battery Development
  • Large Format Lithium Ion Space Cells
  • Transfer of Yardney Lithium-ion Production Programs to Joplin, MO
  • Ultra High Power and Low Temp Batteries for DE and MEA
  • Li/CFx-MnO2 Primary Cell for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications
  • Advanced Li-CFx Technology Development
  • Metal Air Batteries
  • EPT Offerings for Directed Energy Weapons