Enhanced Surface to Air Missile Simulation (ESAMS) Training

ESAMS Training
Event Date: 
April 17, 2018 to April 19, 2018
Booz Allen Hamilton
Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

ESAMS is a computer program used to model the interaction between an airborne target and a surface-to-air Missile (SAM) air defense system. Detailed data have been abstracted from intelligence information and incorporated into the model to provide comprehensive representation of radio frequency (RF) land-based and naval-based SAM systems. The user has the option of specifying the threat site layout in various ways, including rectangular grid site arrays, circular site arrays, or semi-circular arrays, or by specifying specific sites one-by-one. Missile fire control, guidance, aerodynamics, and movement are also patterned. The model details the characteristics of both ground and missile seeker radar. ESAMS models aircraft from their signature data and optional vulnerability data.

ESAMS training consists of a two-day basic course and one day of advanced training.  The basic course includes basic radar theory, installation of ESAMS, and setting up input files. The use of Air Launched vehicles, external target characteristics, aircraft flight paths and endgame analysis will be introduced during the basic training session.

The advanced training will include the introduction of electronic warfare and signals. Noise, clutter, and chaff will be introduced along with the use of external vehicles with jamming techniques.