Gordon Research Conference - Energetic Materials

Event Date: 
June 3, 2018 to June 8, 2018
Gordon Research Conference
97 Summit Road, Newry, ME, US

Exploiting Advances in Additively-Manufactured, Nano- and Non-Crystalline Materials, Synthetic Methods, Modeling and Simulation, and In Situ Diagnostics for Energetic Materials

The 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Energetic Materials "Exploiting advances in additively-manufactured, nano- and non-crystalline materials, synthetic methods, modeling and simulation, and in situ diagnostics for energetic materials" promises to be a stimulating venue for open discussions of cutting edge research among a diverse group of early-career and established scientists who are dedicated to understanding the properties and behavior of energetic materials. This Gordon Research Conference will have a particular focus on highlighting emerging and innovative experimental and theoretical approaches that have the potential to significantly advance the current state of the art and shape future directions of this research community. The main topics of discussion will include novel synthesis and scale-up of new materials, advanced diagnostics and experimental techniques, nanoscale, non-crystalline and additively-manufactured energetic materials, and new theoretical methods and models for simulating the behavior of energetic materials, including detonation, ignition/initiation, sub-detonative response, and thermal decomposition. An equally important focus will be on the development of the next generation of energetic materials researchers, through initiatives which promote creation of new connections between young researchers and established professionals. These include a daily oral presentation by select young investigators, daily poster sessions, an "I'd like to understand . . . ." message board, in which questions can be posted by newcomers to the field and discussions with key experts can be arranged, and a special keynote session in which distinguished researchers who have made profound and lasting contributions to the field will provide unique perspectives, as well as reflections on past and present challenges. Additionally, the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) will be held at the same location immediately prior to the GRC; the GRS provides young scientists entering the field the opportunity to present their research, establish a supportive scientific network, and have unrestrained scientific discussions amongst peers. Furthermore, oral and poster presentations presented at the GRS will be evaluated by a panel, with the highest rated to be selected for oral presentation during the GRC. Finally, the GRC program will include a Monday afternoon Power Hour, which focuses on addressing the challenges of women who work in this field, as well as daily free time in the afternoon and after the evening sessions for additional networking.