JAS FY17 Program Review

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Registration is open to U.S. Citizens ONLY


Event Date: 
September 19, 2017 to September 21, 2017

The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) will host the 2017 Joint Aircraft Survivability (JAS) Program Review (JPR) at Red Flag, Nellis AFB, NV on 19-21 September.  The purpose of the review is to facilitate aviation survivability dialogue between the S&T, acquisition, industry, academia, and operational communities. This will be achieved by presenting a technical overview of the JASP and Joint Live Fire - Aircraft Systems (JLF-Air) FY17 projects and informing the aviation community of our efforts.

Registration Information: 

Registration is now closed.  If you are interested in attending and did not register, please contact Darnell Marbury at 703-604-0387 or darnell.marbury@navy.mil.


Registration Fee: $10.00/day for all attending  **Attendees must pay in person**

If you plan to attend the meeting and you do not have a security clearance, you must be escorted at all times by a government representative.  Please enter their info here at the bottom of your registration.


For a downloadable version of the schedule, please click here.

Bldg. 201
414 Combat Training Squadron (Red Flag)
3662 Tyndall Ave
Nellis AFB, NV 89191
United States

The Palazzo (sister property of The Venetian)
3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109, US

Per diem Rate: $102.00/night
There is also a $39.00 per night resort fee that includes: local phone calls, internet access, daily newspaper, daily access for 2 adults to the fitness facility in the Canyon Ranch Spa Club and printing of your boarding pass upon check out.

The hotel has also extended the per diem rate for those that want to spend more time in Vegas.  You can check in on Saturday, 9/16/17 and check out on Sunday, 9/24/17.

Reservations can be make online via the following link: https://aws.passkey.com/go/rsurv17
You may also book by calling the Palazzo Resort Services Department at 702-414-4100 or 888-283-6423.  The room block is under "Survivability Program" or  give them the group code: RSURV


Base Lodging:
Nellis Inn

5941 Fitzgerald Blvd
Nellis AFB, NV  89191
Phone: 702-652-2711

Lodging Rate: $60.00/night, no tax.


Maps & Directions:

Click here to download a map of Red Flag. 

Click here for a list of directions to key areas.

Red Flag - Nellis AFB, NV

3662 Tyndall Ave, Nellis AFB, NV 89191

Security Deadline: 
July 10, 2018

The JAS Program Review will include sessions up to the SECRET/NOFORN classification level.  Please have your security officer submit a visit request via JPAS to the following:

Attention: Michael Hartell
Purpose: To attend JASP FY17 Program Review
Dates: 19-21 Sep, 2017
Meeting POC: Darnell Marbury, 703-604-0387
Security POC: Michael Hartell, 937-713-0631

Red Flag Access:  In addition to sending in your visit request to attend the meeting, you are also required to get some important information to Darnell Marbury in order to get you vetted to enter the Red Flag Facility.  You will need to send the following info:  DOB, SSN, Security Clearance Level.  If you are a contractor and do not have a CAC, I will also need you to send me your Driver's License Number and the issuing State.  The info needs to be received by 12 noon eastern time on Monday, September 11th.  Please send info one of the following four ways:

  1. Encrypted email
  2. Create a PDF and password protect it.  Then send the password in a separate email or call Darnell @ 703-604-0387 to give him the password. 
  3. AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange
  4. The final way is to just call Darnell @ 703-604-0387 with the info. 

Red Flag is a secured facility that usually requires a validated security clearance to enter the facility.  Non-cleared attendees must be escorted 100% of the time by appropriately cleared USG personnel (e.g., your Government project lead with a validated security clearance).  JASPO will not provide escorts.  The Program Review will include sessions up to the SECRET/NOFORN classification level.  You will only be allowed access to unclassified sessions with your escort.

Base Access: To enter the gate at Nellis, you will need to present your CAC Card or military I.D. to the security guard.  If you do not have a CAC or Military I.D., you will be placed on the base Entry Access List (EAL) to gain access.  This list must be submitted to Nellis security by 12 noon on Friday, September 8th.  If your name does not appear on the list, you will need to be escorted on base by someone with a CAC Card through the gate.  Since JASPO will not provide escorts for this meeting, this may mean that you will be stuck at the visitor gate with no access at all so please make sure you indicated that you do not have a CAC during the registration process.  If you are unsure, contact Darnell Marbury immediately @ 703-604-0387 or email: darnell.marbury@navy.mil 

Contractor Need to Know: All contractors are required to complete and return a Need-to-Know form. Download the Need-to-Know form here.  Instructions on how to return the form are located on the form itself. 

Laptops and other electronics will not be allowed in the building so please leave them in your hotel rooms or your vehicles.    Cell phones however,  are allowed in the building but not beyond the security check point inside the front door.  There will be 40 cell phone lockers available for us to use so you may want to leave them in the car as we are expecting more than 100 people. 

Additional Info
Additional Information:

Dress Code: Business Casual

No wireless or recording devices will be allowed in the room.  You can leave them in your car or at the registration desk at check in.