OpenWERX Challenge: Jump The Dog

OpenWERX Challenge: Jump The Dog
Event Date: 
June 1, 2017
Doolittle Institute SOFWERX,
SOFWERX, Tampa Florida or Virtual

Jump The Dog: Canine Oxygen Mask for High Altitude High Opening (HAHO)

OpenWERX provides the general public with monthly opportunities to collaborate on innovative approaches relevant to SOCOM and other federal government agencies.

Prizes: First place: $6,000 – Second place: $4,000 – Third place: $2,000

Please view the challenge description here: OpenWERX Challenge-Jump the Dog,

Each team will create a video (10 minutes or less) presenting their concept to SOFWERX. The video will be viewed by the judging panel prior to the event. The teams will attend the OpenWERX event 1 June virtually or in person to answer questions by the judging panel.

June 1
1730-1800 Networking/Introduction (at SOFWERX)
1800-1830 Team Q&A
1830-1845 Judging
1845-1900 Prizes Awarded
1900-1915 Next Challenge Announced

*Schedule subject to change based on the number of participants*


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For event logistics, please contact the SOFWERX Event Coordinator, Keri Cline: