Special Operations Nexus

Event Date: 
July 30, 2018 to August 1, 2018
Tampa, FL

The complexity of the modern global conflicts requires the SOF community to engage in extensive joint, combined and inter-agency operations in order to achieve the military and strategic objectives. To compete and face the various emerging threats, operational objectives and the complexity of the Unconventional  warfare the SOF community needs leverage emerging and innovative technologies, share information and act in a collaborative and connected way.

"Special Operations  -  Nexus" , will  explore the current trends, challenges and needs of the Special Operations Community, and the future solutions for the "Multi-Domain Battlefield" where the competition is in the Physical, Virtual and Cognitive Domains. 

Special Operations Nexus will bring together 250+ individuals ranging from SOF military leaders, DoD officials, International partners and Industry leaders - all motivated and determined to achieve and deliver a lethal, modern and adaptive special operations force.