Equipment Reliability Institute

March 2, 2021 - March 4, 2021
| Source: Equipment Reliability Institute

This webinar is intended for government, industry, and academia engineers who want practical knowledge about mechanical vibration and mechanical shock testing, including measurement, analysis, designing for dynamics, and calibration and/or control.

In this course, attendees can expect the following:

  • Measure vibration and shock.
  • Calibrate vibration and shock measurement systems.
  • Convert field-measured data into a test program.
  • Interpret vibration and shock test requirements.
  • Supervise vibration and shock tests.
  • Specify and successfully purchase test equipment to perform vibration and shock tests.
  • Specify, design, and experimentally evaluate vibration and shock test fixtures.
  • Specify and perform ESS, HALT, and HASS.

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