DSIAC and Malloy Aeronautics Demonstrate Military Hoverbike Prototype

DSIAC and Malloy Aeronautics Demonstrate Military Hoverbike Prototype image

SURVICE Engineering Company under the Defense System Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) contract partnered with United Kingdom (UK) - based startup Malloy Aeronautics (MA), to conduct feasibility development and testing of a Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV) based on MA’s commercial Hoverbike concept.

The TRV concept can provide an organic squad level asset which increases warfighter mobility regardless of terrain, and can also provide materiel transport, reconnaissance, and medevac capabilities in both manned and unmanned modes. DSIAC was able to expedite development of the Hoverbike by providing the DoD with access to emerging commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology through innovative international partnering coupled with decades of aircraft design and survivability expertise. Initial R&D tests validated TRV performance estimates and positioned the DoD to fully exploit this new disruptive technology.

Various scaled versions of the system are being developed as autonomous/semi-autonomous logistics resupply platforms by the U.S. Army under monikers such as the Picatinny Pallet: Sustainment Aerial Mobility Vehicle (SAMV) and the Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle System (JTARVS).