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Updated Brawler Ver. 8.1:

DSIAC would like to announce the latest release of Brawler Version 8.1 with respective documentation. Version 8.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • Addition of Laser Warning System (LWS).
    • Avionics device that detects laser energy from a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW).
  • DEW Acquisition/Tracking/Pointing (ATP).
    • More detailed modeling of the Acquisition/Tracking/Pointing systems for DEWs, including modeling of a Coarse Tracker and Tracking Illuminator, as well as Turret Slewing. Also includes pilot ability to see the ATP track.
  • DEW Aimpoint Prioritization.
    • Ability of the user to prioritize and/or exclude target aimpoints for DEWs .
  • Other DEW enhancements.
    • Addition of an optional Minimum Fire Time and Missile No-Reengage Time for the DEW.
  • Addition of Missile vs Missile (MvM).
    • Ability to fire a missile at another missile.
  • Scripted Motion Players.
    • Adds scripted players, which move in a prescribed dimensional path defined by the user, without regard to aerodynamics. These players do not make any maneuver decisions, but do make all other decisions, such as avionics and weapon usage.
  • Avionics/Weapons Characteristics & Status Block Uplifts.
    • Directed Energy Weapon, Missile Launch Warning, and Infrared Search and track characteristic and status block memory items have been uplifted to Fortran 2008-type instances.
  • New/updated TMAP models.
    • List is included in the classified release.
  • Completion of 22 Software Change Requests (SCR).