Model Update: RADGUNS V2.4.3

RADGUNS Screenshot

On behalf of the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), DSIAC announces the upcoming release of the Radar-Directed GUN System Simulation (RADGUNS) version 2.4.3, along with accompanying model documentation. The new version will be available from DSIAC starting in October 2014.

The RADGUNS model is used to evaluate the effectiveness of Air Defense Artillery (ADA) gun systems against penetrating aerial targets. It is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of different airborne target characteristics (radar cross section [RCS], maneuvers, use of electronic countermeasures, etc.) against a specific ADA system. The model is a complete one-on-one simulation that includes the weapon system, operators, target model (RCS and presented/vulnerable-areas), flight profiles, environment (clutter and multipath), electronic attack, and endgame.

The release of RADGUNS 2.4.3 is the result of an extensive review, funded by the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP), of three RADGUNS gun systems. The review resulted in seven software change requests, which are addressed in this release. Notable improvements to the model include:

  • Updated documentation.
  • A fix to the number of bullets fired when multiple gun systems are present.
  • A corrected steering of multiple gun systems on a battery radius.
  • An improved capability to accurately make fire control computer predictions for a single gun system offset from the radar.
  • A corrected gain value issue in a receiver routine.