Posted: August 30, 2016

The Mission Payload Module Non-Lethal Weapon System (MPM-NLWS) is designed to deny access into/out of an area to individuals, move individuals through an area, and suppress individuals. This technology has the potential to support multiple missions including:

Force protection
Crowd control

The MPM-NLWS is a vehicle-mounted, multiple tube launcher providing selective, scalable, non-lethal effects. Munitions are expected to reach greater ranges and have a broader area of coverage than existing non-lethal tube-launched systems. It is capable of delivering a flash-bang effect, ocular and auditory impairment, and/or thermal heating.

The MPM-NLWS will allow our forces to conduct counter-personnel missions by providing a new vehicle mounted, non-lethal tube launched munitions delivery system capable of suppressing human targets (e.g., the ability to degrade one or more functions or capabilities of a human target to render them ineffective) with minimal RSI. MPM-NLWS will enable the tactical commander to employ non-lethal capabilities across the full range of the EoF continuum from early warning, to dispersion, to non-lethal suppression, thus enhancing the tactical commander’s capability to provide a tailored response to threats. The MPM-NLWS will mount to the Gun Shield of the HMMWV or its replacement.

Increment one of the MPM-NLWS will deliver an enhanced pyrotechnic munition from a tube-launch system. Future increments of the MPM-NLWS may include the capability to mount the system on additional vehicles (e.g., Light Armored Vehicle, Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement, JLTV, and naval vessels).

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