Amy E. W. Bednar

Engineering Division, Information Technology Laboratory (ERDC)

Amy E. W. Bednar is a research mathematician in the Computational Analysis Branch, Computational Science and Engineering Division, Information Technology Laboratory (ERDC). She is currently the program manager developing a new online system for JTAPIC. Most recently, she was the project manager for the research program PLANS (Planning Logistics Analysis Network System), which is a logistical route-planning tool that generates low- to highrange fidelity predictions across different transportation modes (land, air, and sea) and environmental effects. Dr. Bednar holds a Ph.D. in mathematics. LINDSAY LIBERTO is a program analyst with JTAPIC. Caring for severely wounded combat veterans and their families at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center inspired her commitment to injury prevention. She is a certified injury coding specialist. Ms. Liberto holds an M.S. in clinical nursing and an undergraduate degree in kinesiology/biomechanics.