Daniel Gibson

DANIEL GIBSON is a research scientist in the Optical Materials and Devices Branch at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, where he has been developing infrared optical materials and fibers since 2003. He invented diffusion-based GRIN IR glass lenses and thermally-bonded IR doublet lenses that obviate the need for IR-transparent adhesives. He also developed technologies to fabricate novel infrared optical fibers, including hollow waveguides, single crystal fibers, heavy metal oxide and chalcogenide glass fibers with solid core, photonic crystal, photonic bandgap, and negative curvature structures. Dr. Gibson holds over a dozen patents on his technologies, several of which have been licensed to industry, and has served as principle investigator on multiple internally- and externally-funded research and development programs. Dr. Gibson holds a Ph.D. in ceramic and materials engineering from Rutgers University.