David Schmieder

David Schmieder is a retired principal research scientist at GTRI and a consultant specializing in IR systems analysis with experience ranging from target acquisition and missile seeker design to defensive suite selection for platform protection.  Before joining GTRI, he worked as an IR/EO systems designer and analyst on armor, helicopter, and fixed-wing fire control systems at Lockheed Martin and Delco/Hughes/Raytheon.  While at Lockheed Martin he was the lead IR/EO systems engineer on the Apache TADS/PNVS targeting and navigation system.  At GTRI, he was among the first to investigate and publish the effects of clutter on targeting system performance and on stealth platform detectability.  In addition, Mr. Schmieder started the IR/EO professional education program at Georgia Tech, which was the first in the nation to offer formal training in limited access content describing U.S. military IR/EO targeting, countermeasures, and stealth technology.  He holds a M.S. in physics from Kansas State University and is a Fellow of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS).