Eric Sorton

4D Tech Solutions, Inc.

ERIC SORTON is a senior applications engineer with 4D Tech Solutions, Inc. He has nineteen years of experience writing real- time software systems for the aerospace industry. Previously, he was a systems engineer in the Mission Systems Group at the WVHTC Foundation and was the lead software engineer on the Airborne Research Test System (ARTS) IV and Test Bench for NASA Dryden Flight Research Center’s Full-Scale Advanced Systems Test Bed and Assessment Environment for Complex Systems Projects, respectively. Mr. Sorton was also a key developer of the Corvid, a small, low-cost autonomous control system, and a lead software developer for Command and Control Technologies (CCT) Corporation, which develops innovative software products for the space industry. Mr. Sorton has an M.S. in software engineering and a B.S. in aerospace engineering, both from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.