Gregory Vartanov

Advanced Materials Development Corp.

GREGORY VARTANOV is the chief engineer of Advanced Materials Development Corp., a Toronto-based company that develops high-strength steels and alloys focusing on aerospace and defense applications. His interests include developing high-strength steels, alloys, and composites, as well as designing critical components for aerospace and defense applications. He has five U.S. patents and more than 10 publications in high-strength steels and alloys. Dr. Vartanov holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in materials science and metallurgy

NOVEMBER 02, 2019

A New Design for a Better Bunker Buster

INTRODUCTION The 5,000-lb class BLU-113 “Bunker Buster” bomb was designed to hit multilayered, hardened underground targets during Operation Desert Storm. During testing, the...

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