Mark Coy


MARK COY is a senior systems engineer for U.S. Army RDECOM. He has conducted fundamental phenomena research and advanced systems proof-of-principle prototyping (e.g., quantum cellular automata, exascale computing, Schlieren image processing, statistical spin glasses for information processing, etc.). During his 32 years as an Army civilian, he has held positions as principal investigator in computer science, conducting basic research in artificial neural networks/cognition. He has also served as an operations research analyst, winning the Army Materiel Command’s Analyst of the Year Award for having developed an analytic computer program forecasting Army PM’s embedded weapon system software development costs and other technical characteristics. He was also the recipient of the Army’s highest R&D Achievement Award for having individually designed an all-digital single-circuit-board ELINT infrared receiver that was successfully hosted on an Air Force surveillance aircraft during the Bosnia-Kosovo War. Mr. Coy holds a B.S. in physics and an M.B.A. with an extensive concentration in quantitative analysis.