Brent Lance


Brent Lance is a research scientist at ARL’s HRED, where he works on improving human-AI integration for dismounted Soldiers. He previously worked at the University of California (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies as a postdoctoral researcher. He is a senior member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and has published over 50 technical articles, including a first-author publication on brain-computer interaction in the “100th Anniversary Edition of the Proceedings of the IEEE.” Dr. Lance holds a Ph.D. in computer science from USC.

Shannon Moore


Shannon Moore is a research psychologist, postdoctoral fellow at ARL’s HRED, where her primary research focus is on the qualities or characteristics that lead to superior team performance. Dr. Moore holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Utah.

Chou P. Hung


Chou P. Hung is a neuroscientist at ARL’s HRED and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He was previously a postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and assistant professor of neuroscience at National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan) and Georgetown University. He has published over 35 technical articles on brain computations and circuitry underlying visual recognition and surface perception and is interested in the intersection of neuroscience, machine vision, and human autonomy teaming. Dr. Hung holds a B.S. in biology from California Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Yale University.

Gregory Lieberman


Gregory Lieberman is a cognitive neuroscientist at ARL’s HRED researching brain-computer interfaces and human-autonomy teaming. He leads the team in developing the Learning Warfighter-Machine Interface. He conducted predoctoral research at the Mass General Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease and postdoctoral research at the University of New Mexico Psychology Clinical Neuroscience Center and jointly at ARL and the University of Pennsylvania Department of Biomedical Engineering. His primary research interests include human-autonomy teaming, cognitive enhancement, learning-related neuroplasticity, and the overlaps between biological and machine learning. Dr. Lieberman holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Vermont.            

Jennifer Swoboda

Weapons Branch of the Human Systems Integration Division, Data, and Analysis Center

Jennifer Swoboda is a research psychologist with the Weapons Branch of the Human Systems Integration Division, Data, and Analysis Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.  She is currently involved in numerous test and evaluation efforts for Soldier-systems performance with various small arms and optics systems.  Her prior work focused primarily on examining the effects of physical impairment on dismounted Soldier performance.  Ms. Swoboda holds a B.A. in psychology from Washington College and has pursued graduate-level course work through Towson University and Virginia Tech.

Jonathan Z. Bakdash


Jonathan Z. Bakdash is a research psychologist with ARL South at the University of Texas at Dallas and an adjunct associate professor at Texas A&M-Commerce. He was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the Patient Safety Center for Inquiry, Veterans Administration Salt Lake City Health Care System. His current research interests are decision making, human-machine interaction, visual perception, applied statistics, and cybersecurity. Dr. Bakdash holds a B.S. in economics and psychology from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Virginia.

Chloe Callahan-flintoft

Oak Ridge Associated Universities journeyman fellow with ARL’s HRED

Chloe Callahan-Flintoft is an Oak Ridge Associated Universities journeyman fellow with ARL’s HRED. Her research interests include understanding and modeling how the temporal autocorrelation of an object’s features increase the duration of attentional engagement. Her work has been published in Vision Research and Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Dr. Callahan-Flintoft holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Pennsylvania State University, a B.A. in mathematics and psychology from Trinity College Dublin, and an M.S. in statistics from Baruch College, City University of New York.

Joe Rexwinkle


Joe Rexwinkle is a biomedical engineer with ARL’s HRED. His primary research focus is human enhancement, with related interests in machine learning, brain-computer interfaces, and human-autonomy teaming. Dr. Rexwinkle holds a B.S. in bioengineering and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri.

Alfred Yu


Alfred Yu is a research psychologist with the ARL’S HRED. He has managed collaborations between the Army, academic institutions, and industry to enhance visuospatial task performance using neuromodulatory approaches, including contemplative practice and neurostimulation. He uses supercomputing resources to investigate the effects of neurostimulation on neuronal function. Supported by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Science Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Fellowship, Dr. Yu holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Washington University, St. Louis, with a focus on spatial cognition and perception-action coupling.

Michael Geuss


Michael Geuss is a research psychologist with ARL’s HRED. He has worked as a research scientist at the Mac Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, where he received funding from the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship. His research interests include investigating methods to visualize uncertain and dynamic information in AR. Dr. Geuss holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, with a focus on space perception, from the University of Utah.

Gabriella Brick Larkin


Gabriella Brick Larkin is a research psychologist with ARL, where she focuses on visual perception and human-AI interactions for optimized situational awareness and target acquisition. Dr. Brick Larkin holds a doctorate in experimental psychology: cognition, brain, and behavior from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.