PJ Piper

Far UV Technologies

PJ Piper is the CEO of Far UV Technologies and founded the company in 2016 to research, develop, and commercialize far-ultraviolet (UV) technologies to eradicate the world of infectious disease. As a principal investigator on NASA and U.S. Air Force contracts, he has proven the microbiological efficacy of Krypton disinfection lighting on multiple pathogens, established the most comprehensive global research and development facilities, assembled a world-class team with over 50 years of UV disinfection experience, and scaled manufacturing to commercialize products in the defense, medical, transportation, and education markets. Mr. Piper previously co-founded and worked at multiple successful companies, including Aspen Aerogels, an advanced aerogel insulation nanotechnology company (NYSE: Ticker “ASPN”). He was a former investment banker at JP Morgan Chase and CIBC and a board member of Triton Systems, which has created over $3.9 billion in shareholder value through numerous initial public offerings, mergers, and acquisitions.