Thomas Mizer

Thomas Mizer is a senior engineer and IR systems analyst for the SURVICE Engineering Company. He has 15 years experience in propulsion aerothermodynamics and 11 years in electronics equipment and instrumentation production. He has a strong propulsion exhaust systems background with foundations in low observables exhaust systems, preliminary exhaust aerothermal design, signature and performance analysis, model and prototype build, instrumentation, and testing in both laboratory and field measurements environments. Mr. Mizer has worked for Pratt & Whitney Large Military Engines Signatures Discipline Group and Rolls-Royce North American Technologies Liberty Works, where he performed aerothermal design, analysis, and test of subsonic ejector exhaust systems for low observable (LO) aircraft installations. He is currently a Senior Engineer at SURVICE Engineering where he performs IR susceptibility analysis from signature creation to missile flyout modeling, including complete airframe and propulsion system modeling and plume and aerothermal modeling. He is currently supporting the 782nd Test Squadron GWEF hardware-in-the-loop Scene Generation and Sensors & Seekers groups in model development and validation using measured data, with a primary focus on CFD plume flowfield generation and conjugate heat transfer prediction of exhaust system hot parts. Mr. Mizer graduated from the University of Florida in 1998 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.