National Materials Information System (NAMIS) Database

Published: December 01, 2019 | Modified: May 26, 2020

NAMIS is an integrated system providing a variety of technical information to the materials community.

By subscribing to NAMIS, you can receive access to the information and technologies contained within this site.

The Subscription Process

Follow these steps to request an account:
  1. Mail or Fax a completed subscription request form.
  2. This system contains export controlled data.
    Please send a DD Form 2345 along with the subscription request form.   If you are government personnel, please send in your request for access on an official government letterhead along with the subscription request form.DD Form 2345 with instructions can be found at: Department of Defense Forms Program Website.
  3. NAMIS requires a 128 SSL browser to access its subscription areas.
    Instructions on obtaining a 128 SSL browser are as follows:Internet Explorer – If you want to upgrade Internet Explorer, follow this link and look for the most recent version listed.
  4. NAMIS relies upon third pary plug-ins that can be freely obtained.
    Instructions on obtaining plug-ins are as follows:Adobe Reader – Viewing the documents available online requires that you have Adobe Reader installed on your machine. Follow this link to download the latest version.

Please contact the DSIAC if you have any questions or 443-360-4600.

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