Defense Systems Digest - 03 July 2018 / (Photo Credit: John Reynolds, AFRL/RDL)

Notable Technical Inquiry

Who are the U.S. manufacturers of fiber-based high-power laser (HPL) systems?

DSIAC staff provided a bibliography of seven U.S. manufacturers of fiber-based high-power laser (HPL) systems along with a brief summary of their work; technical details related to wavelength, power, etc.;...


Voice From The Community

Dr. C.M. Roland
Senior Scientist for Soft Matter Physics, Chemistry Division, Code 6105, Naval Research Laboratory

Our research focusses on using off-the-shelf, inexpensive materials to create armor and protective gear that is substantially lighter, yet confers enhanced or novel performance. A primary focus is on certain soft polymers having specific dynamic properties on impact and undergo a phase change from compliant and dissipative to highly rigid. To address different threats and requirements, the basic design can incorporate foam, ceramic, metal, and structural elements. Applications run the gamut from light vehicle armor, combat helmets, body armor, transparent armor, amphibious vehicles, hardened targets, etc. Military and civilian usage are being pursued.

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